Monday, November 10, 2008

New Andy Goldsworthy Sculpture in Presidio is Stunning

Sphere: Related Content This is a bit far afield, but anyone interested in exciting outdoor sculpture should check out the new creation by Andy Goldsworthy in The Presidio. Goldsworthy has created a tall spire out of logs of trees that were felled as part of a reforestation plan.

The sculpture is a bit hard to find. Easiest way is to enter the Presidio through the Arguello Gate. Go a little ways in and park at either the Presidio Golf Course or the parking area for Inspiration Point. You'll see the spire rising from a clearing not far from the road. The main problem right now is that construction fencing surrounds the area around the sculpture, so you can't get very close yet. But once they finish the grading and take down the fence, it will be magnificent to see.

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