Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Works starts on Mission Bay Childrens Hospital

Sphere: Related Content Construction works appears to be starting on the new UCSF Childrens Hospital in Mission Bay. After years of being an empty lot, you can now see some initial grading going on. I don't know the exact construction schedule, but it's good to see some progress being made on this important project. It will be a welcome addition to the Mission Bay and Potrero Hill neighborhoods.

Daniel Webster Elementary School gets a facelift

Sphere: Related Content Local volunteers have been working hard to repaint and fix up Potrero Hill's Daniel Webster Elementary School at Missouri and 20th Streets. The colorful murals at the corner of Texas and 18th are a welcome addition to an otherwise drab playground wall and it's great to see the kids enjoying the outdoor space.

Baraka Still Cranks Out Good Food

Sphere: Related Content Baraka restaurant, located at 288 Connecticut Street, has been a Potrero Hill staple for several years. Recently, however, the restaurant changed hands and many in the neighborhood wondered if the quality would change.

Happily, the restaurant is as good as ever. Purchased by a longtime customer, the restaurant still retains a friendly, neighborhood vibe with a sophisticated edge. The food is fresh and expertly prepared.

I walk by on a regular basis and many times the restaurant seems to be operating at well below capacity. Here's hoping the word gets out about the continuing quality at Baraka.

Baked Opens on 18th Street

Sphere: Related Content A new bakery recently opened at 1415 18th St., wedged between Chez Papa and Chez Maman. This is the same location as another bakery which went out of business a few months ago. I sampled a cupcake that was quite yummy. Other items in the bakery looked equally good and I look forward to dropping by again. I didn't see any freshly baked bread, which would be a nice addition.

My only gripe is that the store seems to be closed half the time I walk by. If they could have more evening hours they might be able to get walk-by traffic from some of the nearby restaurants.

With the economic downturn upon us, it's probably not the best time to be opening a new retail business, but hopefully this bakery can make it. Potrero Hill definitely needs to keep these kinds of locally owned businesses going.