Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Celeb-O-Matic is an interesting new celebrity gossip site

Sphere: Related Content I just came across Celeb-O-Matic, a new celebrity gossip and entertainment site. Celeb-O-Matic collects gossip from dozens of the top entertainment blogs so you can always find out the latest dirt, no matter where it's published.

What I particularly like about the site is that it organizes all the gossip around each celebrity, so if you want to know everything that's being said about, say Brad Pitt, you just click on the Brad Pitt link and there you'll find dozens and dozens of recent articles. The site is still a bit rough around the edges, but so far I like it.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Heading to London, England

Sphere: Related Content Next week I'll be heading over to merry old London, England. While there I plan to visit Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, and walk along the Thames River.

I haven't been to London in several years, so it should be interesting. The only concern is the cost - the Euro is so strong against the dollar that everything will be hellaciously expensive.

Monday, November 10, 2008

New Andy Goldsworthy Sculpture in Presidio is Stunning

Sphere: Related Content This is a bit far afield, but anyone interested in exciting outdoor sculpture should check out the new creation by Andy Goldsworthy in The Presidio. Goldsworthy has created a tall spire out of logs of trees that were felled as part of a reforestation plan.

The sculpture is a bit hard to find. Easiest way is to enter the Presidio through the Arguello Gate. Go a little ways in and park at either the Presidio Golf Course or the parking area for Inspiration Point. You'll see the spire rising from a clearing not far from the road. The main problem right now is that construction fencing surrounds the area around the sculpture, so you can't get very close yet. But once they finish the grading and take down the fence, it will be magnificent to see.

Sno Drift Catches Fire

Sphere: Related Content The old Sno Drift nightclub at 1830 3rd Street near Mission Bay was in flames Sunday afternoon. Police had Third Street blocked off while firefighters put out the blaze.

I don't know how the fire started, but it looked like the place was gutted. The building had been empty for quite some time - I believe it's on land that will be used for the UCSF Children's Hospital that is just beginning construction.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Works starts on Mission Bay Childrens Hospital

Sphere: Related Content Construction works appears to be starting on the new UCSF Childrens Hospital in Mission Bay. After years of being an empty lot, you can now see some initial grading going on. I don't know the exact construction schedule, but it's good to see some progress being made on this important project. It will be a welcome addition to the Mission Bay and Potrero Hill neighborhoods.

Daniel Webster Elementary School gets a facelift

Sphere: Related Content Local volunteers have been working hard to repaint and fix up Potrero Hill's Daniel Webster Elementary School at Missouri and 20th Streets. The colorful murals at the corner of Texas and 18th are a welcome addition to an otherwise drab playground wall and it's great to see the kids enjoying the outdoor space.

Baraka Still Cranks Out Good Food

Sphere: Related Content Baraka restaurant, located at 288 Connecticut Street, has been a Potrero Hill staple for several years. Recently, however, the restaurant changed hands and many in the neighborhood wondered if the quality would change.

Happily, the restaurant is as good as ever. Purchased by a longtime customer, the restaurant still retains a friendly, neighborhood vibe with a sophisticated edge. The food is fresh and expertly prepared.

I walk by on a regular basis and many times the restaurant seems to be operating at well below capacity. Here's hoping the word gets out about the continuing quality at Baraka.